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Alchemy Staffing

Take the guesswork out of hiring the right candidate

Hiring is not easy in recent years. Hiring managers need quality candidates fast and, if possible, with the flexibility to move from temporary to full-time. Alchemy Staffing resolves:

  • Finding Quality Candidates: Candidates must have the skillset needed to perform daily and augment current staff with needed expertise.

  • Slow Hiring Process: Internal processes may slow down hiring, therefore missing opportunities with qualified candidates

  • No Hiring Flexibility: Trial a candidate before bringing them on full-time, allowing time to see if they meet the organization's needs.

Uncomplicate Finding Talent with Alchemy

Find Qualified Talent

Alchemy understands the technology landscape and can match qualified talent based on any client's criteria

Expedite Hiring Process

Alchemy can find talent fast and overcome hiring competition by quickly matching talent to any client's hiring requirements

Flexible Onboarding Options

Alchemy can offer flexible employment terms enabling any client to hire talent based on project load or process requirements.

Find the Right Candidate Today

Schedule a Consult

Let us understand your hiring requirements and align a staffing plan to your needs

Interview Candidates

We present you with talent that is vetted and aligned with your hiring requirements

Hire with Flexibility

Pick the hiring path that makes sense for the project or staffing need

Schedule Staffing Consult

Source the Right Expertise

Leverage Alchemy's technical experience and technical talent network to staff the right resources in the following ways:

Direct Hire

Quickly add full-time employees to your team

Contract to Hire

Meet immediate demand with contract talent while maintaining the option to hire

Long-Term Contract

Add contract talent to a business initiative for a defined duration of over six months.

Why Alchemy Staffing?

Finding the right talent is challenging and will not always align with the organizational needs. Alchemy Staffing changes how to find the right talent and offers flexible options when hiring the right candidate. We understand that the hiring processes, external competition for talent, and proper skillsets all impact any quality candidate that matches your needs. At Alchemy Staffing, we know enterprise IT, and we have a deep understanding of any client's technology environment. We know that finding the right talent is critical to the success of any hiring organization. With our extensive network of the industry's in-demand talent, we have a recipe to source the right talent to deliver the desired business outcome. Alchemy Staffing includes a complete and flexible service offering designed to meet each organization's dynamic needs, regardless of company size, technology expertise, or employment terms and duration. Set up a staffing consult, find the right talent, and pick a flexible onboarding option with Alchemy Staffing today. Stop complicating your hiring process, and contact us.